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Meet Hanna

Hanna was enrolled at One Step Forward since August 2019. Get to know her success story.

When Hanna was born, she was everything her parents imagined: Hazel eyes, tufts of brown hair, a perpetual pout, and a gift from above.


When her behaviors could no longer be ignored, her mom was given an ultimatum. To seek help or find a new school. At that time, Hanna was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and referred to enroll at One Step Forward.


Hanna's mom reached out to a One Step Forward intake specialist who took down all her information and assigned the family a coordinator to reach out to at any time. The next day, Hanna's mom got a phone call from the coordinator. Mom received the reassurance that they would start the process right away, so that Hanna could start receiving ABA services as quickly as possible with a team that would specialize in social skills, communication skills, is warm and loving, and has the right personality to meet Hanna's needs.

Progress Report

  • MONTH 1

    Hanna enrolled in One Step Forward and was introduced to the BCBA Rachel who would be completing the assessment.

  • MONTH 2

    The BCBA, Rachel reached out to Mom to speak further and observe Hanna so that the assessment could be completed.

  • MONTH 3

    Hanna started services with her ABA Therapist Abigail.

  • MONTH 4

    Services continue with Rachel and Abigail and Hanna runs to the door each day when Abigail comes to the home.

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What parent's have to say...

  • We've been working with One Step Forward for a few years now, and we are very happy with their support, care, and service.

    - Proud Parent

  • I can say that I approve of the therapists at One Step Forward. I have worked with other ABA therapy services in the past and they don't come even remotely close to the care I received here!

    - Proud Parent

  • Thank you so much ABA One Step Forward for caring for my child and being such a positive force in our lives!!!

    - Proud Parent

  • The therapists here at One Step Forward have made a significantly positive impact on our family. We are truly thankful!

    - Proud Parent

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